memory safety and weak references

David Bruant bruant.d at
Wed Mar 27 14:53:10 PDT 2013

Le 27/03/2013 01:55, David Herman a écrit :
> But we need to take this into account as we consider what to do about weak references in ES7.
 From what I understand, doing exact rooting (instead of conservative 
stack scanning) solves the problem or more precisely prevents the attack 
by design (because the attack would be based on numbers being 
interpreted as pointers addresses).
Assuming I understand correctly (and tell me if I don't), this is more 
an attack based on an implementation detail than an attack based on the 
inclusion of a weak references to the language, so I'm puzzled as to why 
this attack should be taken into account when discussing the inclusion 
of weak references.

Over the last month after Opera announced moving to WebKit, people on 
Twitter have been rounds and rounds about Webkits monoculture and how 
making spec decisions based on specific implementations is a bad thing 
("if specs followed WebKit implementation, we couldn't have parallel 
rendering engines like Servo", etc.). I don't see why that could be a 
good thing at the ECMAScript level.


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