What's the correct behavior for "\8" and "\9"

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However, \8 and \9 DOES NOT belong to OctalEscapeSequences. There is NO octal number contains 8 or 9.

Subject: Re: What's the correct behavior for "\8" and "\9"
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On Mar 24, 2013, at 6:32 AM, BelleveInvis wrote:However, even in the newest draft, "\8" still should cause a syntax error. Should we change the production "EscapeCharacter ->DecimalDigit" into "EscapeCharacter -> OctalDigit" in order to make 8 and 9 belongs to NonEscapeCharacter?
Probably, but need to look carefully at any possible spec. interactions with OctalEscapeSequences defined in Annex B.  (Note that in ES5 we make octal escapes illegal in strict mode code, but they are still allowed in non-strict code)

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> Subject: Re: What's the correct behavior for "\8" and "\9"
> BelleveInvis wrote:
> > According to spec: Syntax error, because of that 8 or 9 does not
> > belongs to /NonEscapeCharacter/.
> > However, ALL browsers treat them as "8" and "9".
> Web compatibility seems to require "noctal" escapes in string literals.
> No one has really investigated how much web content, but it was true in
> the past and engines don't like taking risk for little gain.
> /be
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