Upcoming talk on ES6 in Russia

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On Saturday, March 23, 2013, denom wrote:

>  Hello Dr. Rauschmayer,
>  Could you plase explain how the slide #23."Object literals" comes in
> alingment with slide #7."Challenges of evolving a web language" where it is
> written "Preserve nature of JavaScript" ?
>  The method definitions presenteed on #23 voided anything that JavaScript
> Object Notation stands for which I consider it is indeed a basic building
> block of JavaScript and no nature preserved here.

I suspect you may be conflating Object Literal syntax with JavaScript
Object Notation specification—method definitions have never been part of
the latter.

> A mixture of named fucntions, voidance of key/value pairs, and property
> values shorthand seems like a soup of a little bit of everything and a soup
> was never a good friend of maintenability of the code. This is monsterous.

The affordance of redundancy removal is actually really fantastic for
maintainability ;)

>  I see lots of drafts and proposals tend to be from people used to write
> C(*)/Java or CoffeeScript

Can you cite a reference for this claim?


> which is adopted only by a small subset of JavaScript developers who are
> mainly Rubyists. The fact that some things seem to them as 'acceptable'
> doesn't mean that comfort with the JavaScript standards and conventions.
> JavaScript,like all other languages, is not a language to that fits to
> everyone.
> Best regards,
> Dimitris K.
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> Subject: Upcoming talk on ES6 in Russia
>  On March 30, I’ll hold a talk on ECMAScript 6 at CodeFest 2013 in
> Novosibirsk [1] where I hope to convince people that they have something to
> look forward to.
> A draft of my slides is here, feedback welcome:
> http://dl.2ality.com/codefest_es6.pdf
> [1] http://2013.codefest.ru/
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