Upcoming talk on ES6 in Russia

André Bargull andre.bargull at udo.edu
Sat Mar 23 12:08:18 PDT 2013

> On March 30, I'll hold a talk on ECMAScript 6 at CodeFest 2013 in Novosibirsk [1] where I hope to convince people that they have something to look forward to.
> A draft of my slides is here, feedback welcome:
> http://dl.2ality.com/codefest_es6.pdf
> [1]http://2013.codefest.ru/
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> Dr. Axel Rauschmayer
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> home: rauschma.de
> twitter: twitter.com/rauschma
> blog: 2ality.com

Two minor comments/questions:

Slide 24:
Per draft rev14, "super" references in method definitions within object 
literals are not allowed (cf. page 117). Did this change recently?
And a missing comma after the __proto__ entry.

Slide 36:
Unless there is an @@iterator on Object.prototype, the first for-of loop 
doesn't quite work.

- André
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