Upcoming talk on ES6 in Russia

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Hello Dr. Rauschmayer,

Could you plase explain how the slide #23."Object literals" comes in 
alingment with slide #7."Challenges of evolving a web language" where it 
is written "Preserve nature of JavaScript" ?

The method definitions presenteed on #23 voided anything that JavaScript 
Object Notation stands for which I consider it is indeed a basic 
building block of JavaScript and no nature preserved here. A mixture of 
named fucntions, voidance of key/value pairs, and property values 
shorthand seems like a soup of a little bit of everything and a soup was 
never a good friend of maintenability of the code. This is monsterous.

I see lots of drafts and proposals tend to be from people used to write 
C(*)/Java or CoffeeScript which is adopted only by a small subset of 
JavaScript developers who are mainly Rubyists. The fact that some things 
seem to them as 'acceptable' doesn't mean that comfort with the 
JavaScript standards and conventions. JavaScript,like all other 
languages, is not a language to that fits to everyone.

Best regards,
Dimitris K.

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>On March 30, I’ll hold a talk on ECMAScript 6 at CodeFest 2013 in 
>Novosibirsk [1] where I hope to convince people that they have 
>something to look forward to.
>A draft of my slides is here, feedback welcome:
>[1] http://2013.codefest.ru/
>Dr. Axel Rauschmayer
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