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On Thu, Mar 21, 2013 at 2:38 AM, François REMY < at> wrote:

> Phasing out failed experiments *is* possible. I don't think a browser that
> doesn't support <blink> or <marquee> or even document.layers would have a
> lot of problems to view the web as it's now, yet I remember a time where
> document.layers <marquee> were used quite a lot. I do think the argument
> used to claim __proto__ is unfixable is somewhat wrong.

Whether or not a failed experiment can be phased out is an empirical
question. The answer depends on Web content.

<marquee> is essential in some locales. <blink> is already a no-op visually.

I think JSC and Opera each did without mutable __proto__ for a while and
ended up implementing it for Web compatibility. So the experiment has
actually been carried out at least twice. Maybe things have changed, but I
wouldn't bet on it.

New things are added to the Web rapidly. Old things disappear slowly.

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