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David Bruant bruant.d at
Wed Mar 20 12:22:57 PDT 2013

Le 20/03/2013 19:04, Andrea Giammarchi a écrit :
> I don't understand where is the problem ... any library that uses 
> __proto__ can and should be updated with a shim waiting for next 
> version of JS to support it.
Which library? What are the inconsistencies between the current 
__proto__ draft spec and how libraries use __proto__ today? Please be 
very specific; that's quite relevant when doing a de facto standard so 
it's important to know.

> Object.setPrototypeOf = function (object, proto) {
> object.__proto__ = proto;
>   return object;
> };
> That does not look bad at all to me, educate developers out there that 
> __proto__ is harmful and forbidden 'cause saying "we can't do much is 
> already used" doesn't mean is OK to use it, same as polluting 
> Object.prototype, still possible, nobody does it (not in an old 
> fashioned way at least)
What's your point here?
I don't understand why Object.setPrototypeOf should be added or shimmed 
if the best practice is to avoid using __proto__.

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