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It should be pointed out that KeyKOS resume keys could, like 
proper tail-call optimization, eliminate the ability to "walk 
the stack" to determine the caller. In KeyKOS, the process had 
direct control over usage of the resume key. It could pass it to 
an object is was "calling" in place or creating a resume key to 
itself with a normal call. This loss of ability to walk the 
stack is much like tail-call optimization of:

   function a(args) {
     ... some calculation
     return b(otherargs);

Where the optimization passes the address of a's caller as the 
return address for b and b can't see a's activation record on 
the stack.

Cheers - Bill

On 3/9/13 at 6:57 PM, erights at google.com (Mark S. Miller) wrote:

>Another way to view the phrase "debugging API" is "properly stratified
>privileged reflection API". Indeed, the famous Mirrors paper used JPDA as
>an example of a properly stratified reflection system. The key thing about
>debugging APIs is they get the privilege separation right -- because they
>must. A well designed mirror system or mirror-like system could as well. I
>have discussed this repeatedly with the co-authors of that paper -- Dave
>Ungar and Gilad Bracha (cc'ed) -- and IIRC they enthusiastically agree. The
>KeyKOS operating system had an operation for rights-amplifying a "start
>key" or "resume key" to a "domain key". In our terms, a start key is like a
>closure reference and a domain key is like a reference to the reified
>lexical environment captured by that closure, i.e., a mirror on the state
>of that closure. A resume key is like a continuation, so reflecting on
>resume keys -- if you have the privileges needed to do so -- enables one to
>effectively walk back the stack of outstanding IPC requests. The logic by
>which KeyKOS (and its descendants EROS, CapROS, GuardOS, Coyotos) managed
>the right-to-reflect could be a good starting point for doing likewise with
>language-based mirrors.

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