Lastest ES6 draft (rev 14) now available

Brendan Eich brendan at
Fri Mar 8 22:20:53 PST 2013

Andrea Giammarchi wrote:
> which part is LOL about caller I don't get it and LOL as argument, 
> from you, is more LOL than caller, IMO.
> Sad to see this attitude 'cause I've raised a problem that cannot be 
> transpired, what here and there many of you are convinced is the right 
> thing to do in order to have graceful migration to new standards.

You're not taking the point that languages grow their kernel semantics, 
which means not everything desugars to older versions via 
"transpilation". This is part of the Harmony

"Minimize the additional semantic state needed beyond ES5" does not mean 
"Minimize to zero".

Sorry for LOLs, I just think given the fact that some semantics are new 
must be accepted, and transpilers may have to work harder and at the 
edges be compilers with more complex runtimes. But as I tried to 
suggest, for most -- or let's say "much" -- code there's a simpler 


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