Lastest ES6 draft (rev 14) now available

Brandon Benvie bbenvie at
Fri Mar 8 18:02:46 PST 2013

On 3/8/2013 5:53 PM, Domenic Denicola wrote:
>> You can transpile statics although, again, not entirely faithfully, by putting the statics on each of the inheriting constructors. Not quite the's these "little details" I was referring to. They start to add up
> Agreed. I've been trying to file such little details against Traceur [1], but would welcome any efforts to enumerate them, since I think most people are of the impression that transpilation will solve the migration problem.
> [1]:
If transpilation is to solve the issue then these differences need to be 
overcome, as you're attempting to help do. There can't be differences or 
you're going to see subtle, extremely hard to diagnose bugs when you 
move between actual ES6 environments and transpiled ES3/ES5 ones. I 
think ultimately the only really acceptable answer is to do what I said: 
create a runtime that implements the *entire* delta between ES3/ES5 
(depending how brave the author is) and ES6 and converts all operators 
(including property access) to function calls that go through the 
augmented runtime. The problem is that this may or may not be very 
optimizable thus making it unusable in production for a different reason.

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