Lastest ES6 draft (rev 14) now available

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Fri Mar 8 14:35:24 PST 2013

The March 8, 2013 Rev 14 draft is now available at the usual place: 

Changes include:

Class bodies are now always string
static methods may now be defined in ClassBody
Updated comprehension syntax to use left-to-right order
Eliminated is and isnt operators
added grammar productions to allow unqualified super to be used after new operator
expression to the right of of in for-of now restricted to being AssignmentExpression
Almost all Chapter 15 constructors are now specified to have an @@create methid and are initialized in a manner that supports subclassing. (still need to work on Function)
Added Object.getOwnPropertyKeys function
Added function
Tentatively added Object.mixin function
Array.from now takes an optional map function
Added String.prototype.normalize method
All String.prototype methods that accept RegExp arguments will now work with subclasses of RegExp
Renamed Number.prototype.toInt to Number.prototype.toInteger
RegExp global, ignoreCase, multiline, source, sticky are now prototype accessor properties rather than instance own data properties. This is needed to support adding web compatible compile method.
Added new RegExp.prototype methods that allow string methods to work with RegExp subclasses: match, replace, search, split, @@isRegExp
Map and Set constructors now accept a =n optional comparator parameter. Only value currently allowed is “is”
ArrayBuffer and TypedArray object length no long restricted to 232 limit
Eliminated all remaining references to [[Class]] and [[NativeBrand]] (except for in some DataView code that needs rewritting anyway)
Added SameValueZero abstraction operation that considers -0 and +0 to be the same value.
Rename [[GetP]] to [[Get]] and [[SetP]] to [[Set]]
Specified that unless otherwise indicated, internal data properties are created when an object is allocated. Internal data properties are now explicitly listed in ObjectCreate abstract operation calls.
internally consolidated [[IsExtensible]]/[[IsSealed]/[[IsFrozen]] and [[PreventExtensions]]/[[Seal]]/[[Freeze]] into two MOP operations [[HasIntegrity]] and [[SetIntegrity]]. However, no public APIs (Proxy traps and Reflect functions) changed.
Numerous editorial and technical corrections, clarifications, and bug fixes

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