Throwing StopIteration in array extras to stop the iteration

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Mon Mar 4 12:21:37 PST 2013

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> Thanks, I've submitted an agenda item that includes _both_ find and findIndex.


One issue with `find` is what distinguishes

    find([1, 2, 3], x => isNaN(x)); // presumably `undefined`


    find([1, 2, undefined, 3], x => isNaN(x)); // also presumably `undefined`

i.e. how do you distinguish "found nothing" from "found `undefined`."

In C# they have `IEnumerable<T>.First` and `IEnumerable<T>.FirstOrDefault`; the former throws an error if nothing matching the predicate is found, whereas the latter returns `default(T)` (which is `null` for reference types, or `0` for numbers, etc.).

Food for thought.

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