Classical inheritance is obsolete

Eric Elliott eric at
Sun Jun 30 15:22:14 PDT 2013

"Honest question: how can this problem not be solved via ES6 classes plus
mixins? The original hierarchy already feels wrong. Why not create a
super-class Animal, with sub-classes Human, Ape, Bird, Bee, Fish, Whale
plus the mixins Walking, Flying, Swimming?"

I completely agree with you, but in the real world we don't always have the
benefit of knowing future requirements enough to create the correct design
from the outset. Maybe the design was correct in the beginning (immagine a
classification of species, instead of a classification of species
capabilities)... and that's the problem with class - "so you go to
re-implement them as mixins, but now you have to refactor all the animals
that already rely on those features"

"I also don’t see why refactoring is such a bad thing: as your knowledge of
the problem domain increases, the structure of your program evolves."

Small refactors are not a bad thing, but class hierarchies create tight
coupling between child and parent classes (yes, even ES6 class, especially
with super). In these situations, the dependencies are not always obvious,
or direct, and they tend to ripple out far and wide, and are not easily
aided by technology -- it's not a matter of replacing some variable names
across your project -- it's a matter of reengineering these to deal with
systemic changes in behavior.

Mixins and other compositional reuse patterns don't create any tight
coupling between child and parents, and much more easily provide for
selective inheritance (I only want the banana, not the gorilla, banana, and
entire jungle).

- Eric
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