Function declarations with lexical `this`?

Axel Rauschmayer axel at
Mon Jun 24 16:46:48 PDT 2013

Sorry for bringing this point up, again. It is a minor point, but details matter if ECMAScript 6 is supposed to feel consistent.

In general, I like how ECMAScript 6 has evolved functions. Before, functions played three roles:

1. Constructor
2. Method
3. Non-method function (where you want lexical `this`)

In ES6, we have classes for #1 and method definitions for #2 (in both object literals and class literals). Furthermore, arrow functions replace function expressions and have lexical `this`. What is missing is a function declaration with lexical `this`.

What’s the best way to solve this and to eliminate the pitfall of dynamic `this` (at least for beginners)? Tell people to const-bind arrow functions? We’d lose hoisting, though. I also wouldn’t want to lose the symmetry function declaration/generator declaration and method definition/generator method definition.

IMO, we need a consistent story for ES6 in this area.


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