Array#sort() implementations not interoperable

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On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 4:42 PM, Kevin Gadd <kevin.gadd at> wrote:

> I'll state it again since I guess maybe the third time is the charm:
> When I said 'always stable' or 'always unstable' i was referring to which
> implementation the browser uses, not what the sort actually does. There's
> nothing beneficial about the fact that an unstable sort happens to
> rearrange elements. My point is that explicitly forbidding Array.sort from
> conditionally switching between sort implementations (or at least from
> switching between implementations with observable differences) is
> beneficial to users. Let's not be ridiculous here.
Switching to other insertion sort for small input sizes is a key part of
getting high performance out of quicksort. The insertion sort is used as
the base case of the recursion, and I wouldn't really consider it
"switching between sort implementations". There is no check like the

Array.prototype.sort = function (cmp) {
  if (this.length < 20) {
  } else {

It's more like:

Array.prototype.sort = function (cmp) {
  quicksortRec(this, 0, this.length, cmp);

function quicksortRec(arr, begin, end, cmp) {
  if (end - begin < 20) {
    fastBaseCase(arr, begin, end, cmp); // what this does happens to be
  // ... slow recursive case

-- Sean Silva
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