JSON Duplicate Keys

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Le 07/06/2013 07:31, Jason Orendorff a écrit :
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>     It's syntax is based on JavaScript but crippled for no reason
>     other than to follow a outdated specification. It's so frustrating
>     to be at this end of a keyboard to see awful syntax being promoted
>     just to follow the RFC which is clearly flawed. It's so much more
>     logical to change and fix the problems in the specification so
>     that in future code will work correctly and JSON parsers would be
>     much easier and consistent.
> Is there a canonical explanation of Don't Break the Web out there? It 
> would be nice to have something to point each new person to when they 
> express this frustration.
I usually point people to 
I'll happily accept feedback (or pull request if anyone feels like it) 
to improve this paragraph.

I tried to explain in length (and in French) in the web magazine "Le 
train de 13h37" the relationship between webdevs, standards and web 
browsers and how technologies evolve. The article is CC BY-NC-SA 
licenced (it's identified clear on the page, but is on the downloadable 
PDF version), I'll be happy to help if someone feels like translating it 
to English and maybe add a specific part about "don't break the web"

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