JSON Duplicate Keys

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(Snipping out everything as this is a holistic response to the whole thread)


Re: MUST / last value
Agree, codify the de facto standard.  That is what we do almost universally
- it doesn't even actually "break" anything that already works - it just
means those parsers aren't strictly conforming - they already aren't in
keeping with the norm.


Re: Should allow comments / single quotes
Perhaps if we went back in time and were discussing creating a new format,
you might even convince Doug of some of this - what we wouldn't know is how
that would affect adoption/development of compatible parsers, bugs, etc -
and that is important given the next comment...


Re: The Web can't evolve if you can't...AND create something else, but
don't call it JSON.. AND inventing crappy syntax

JSON is maybe the single best proof that the Web can evolve without
breaking anything... It started out competing with XML which had every
advantage imaginable: it was a REC standard, had support from every big
company, hundreds of libraries, had built in/native support in just about
every language and was "technically superior".  JSON had simplicity and dev
contributions.  It competed in the real world and won hearts and minds
against all odds.  Now we have a standard of agreement - you can't break
it.  The Web is an enterprise of unparalleled scale, JSON is a data
interchange format, so even more so than something that exists only in
browsers...Anything that breaks potentially affects people's (not
developers) lives in real ways and has to be done with great care.   You
can, however, follow the same model and beat it.  In this case, if you have
minor changes, it is even easy to make something that can transform to
existing JSON format...  If you do, we can easily make it native/standard -
and you can expect that eventually someone will have similar criticisms and
try to compete  - that's a good thing.

#extendthewebforward :)
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