JSON Duplicate Keys

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What's really problematic is that there is no way to specify a version in the format itself so that it could be evolved without breaking existing data set. This has been solved before for serializetion, in Cocoa for example, we need that for JSON.


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>> No it's not JavaScript!  It a file format for storing and interchanging data. Preserving existing data is a key requirement.
> It's syntax is based on JavaScript but crippled for no reason other than to follow a outdated specification. It's so frustrating to be at this end of a keyboard to see awful syntax being promoted just to follow the RFC which is clearly flawed. It's so much more logical to change and fix the problems in the specification so that in future code will work correctly and JSON parsers would be much easier and consistent. "Don't break the web" shouldn't ever become "Keep the web broken" code will never evolve if the core is rotten.  
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