JSON Duplicate Keys

Allen Wirfs-Brock allen at wirfs-brock.com
Thu Jun 6 08:19:58 PDT 2013

On Jun 6, 2013, at 6:02 AM, gaz Heyes wrote:

> On 6 June 2013 13:19, Douglas Crockford <douglas at crockford.com> wrote:
> You are exactly right. But it is too late to change to MUST unless TC39 chooses to break the programs of the people who are doing what they shouldn't, which is something TC39 said it will not do.
> Meh politics. I have no interest in such matters. Breaking broken programs shouldn't be a concern. 

There is nothing broken about then.  People have simply been doing what RFC 4627 allows them to do.

Invalidating existing JSON datasets (many of which may not be actively maintained) is a real concern.  Who does it benefit to make them invalid.


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