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Details on the JSON RFC should probably be directed towards json at We don't want to leave our IETF friends out of the loop.

On this list we should probably confine the discussion to the serializer/deserializer that is part of the ES specification. 

Joining the  IETF list is easy and open to anyone:
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Greetings. As you are probably aware, the IETF is doing a revision to RFC 4627, the document that defines JSON for the Internet. That work is just beginning, and if any members of TC39 would like to participate in it, getting involved early would be a benefit to everyone.

Information on the IETF working group that is doing the work (which is boringly called the "JSON Working Group") can be found at <>. "Joining" an IETF WG is simply the act of subscribing to the mailing list; that information is at <>. Participating is simply reading the list and sending messages as appropriate (and there is a fair amount of latitude of "appropriate").

In the IETF, each person "represents" themselves, and not their employer or another group, so there is no "IBM representative" or "ECMA representative". Each participant has a say in the process without regard to whatever organization they may belong to.  Documents move forward with rough consensus from the participants, so participating early and often will help smooth this work's acceptance in both the IETF and ECMA.

Given the joint-but-still-loose cooperation on this project, Matt and I (the co-chairs of the JSON WG) would like to have any TC39 folks who want to be part of the IETF work to join so that you can express opinions and be part of the consensus process. If you have trepidation about doing so, you can get in touch with Matt and I off-line. If you want to read what most IETF newcomers read, please see <>  (of which I happen to be the editor), but don't feel obliged in the least to read the whole thing.

--Paul Hoffman=

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