Why is concise body for method definition dropped?

Rick Waldron waldron.rick at gmail.com
Wed Jun 5 07:50:39 PDT 2013

On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 4:45 AM, Yusuke SUZUKI <utatane.tea at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I remember that ConcideBody for MethodDefinition was once introduced
> into the draft, but after that it was reverted.
> And I have a question why it is dropped. Searching maling list, I've
> found 2 threads.
> http://esdiscuss.org/topic/concisefunctionbody
> http://esdiscuss.org/notes/2012-05-23
> But I couldn't find why it is dropped.
> Probably I missed the discussion. So I'd appreciate it if you would
> inform me about it.

I see what you're referring to, but I can assure you that the addition of
syntactically "concise" methods hasn't been dropped. It looks like Allen
has just re-organized/removed some of the naming conventions in 13.3.

MethodDefinition :
  PropertyName ( FormalParameterList ) { FunctionBody }

Still defines a "concise body", but doesn't specifically label it as such
and PropertyDefinition still contains the MethodDefinition-part

Hopefully this helps?

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