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Jeff Morrison lbljeffmo at
Mon Jun 3 20:02:31 PDT 2013

`import foo from "foo";` reads to the quick eye as "import the symbol 
named foo from the module named 'foo'" -- but that's not actually what 
it means (wrapped curlies be damned!).
I think the syntax would read much less confusingly if we made use of a 
`default` keyword to signify better what's happening in this declaration...

Anything from `import default foo from "foo"` to the more preferable (in 
my mind) `import default as foo from "foo"`

On 6/3/13 7:07 PM, Kevin Smith wrote:
>     > Bikeshedding:
>     Well, here comes a fun thread...
> Bikeshedding *is* fun : )
> FWIW, I've implemented a parser for curly-free syntax and it does 
> introduce some minor parsing difficulties on the export side.  If we 
> had lexical modules, then this:
>     export module as ...
> could be a valid prefix for an exported module declaration or an 
> export set.  You basically need more tokens of lookahead to 
> disambiguate on these contextual keywords.
> I'm totally happy with the current syntax, modulo some concern over 
> the default export syntax which I mentioned upthread.
> { Kevin }
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