Minor questions on new module BNF

Jeff Morrison lbljeffmo at gmail.com
Mon Jun 3 14:11:27 PDT 2013

Big +1 on being able to defer execution until explicit import. It 
definitely seems useful to allow for control over dependency 
specifications separately from [potential] dependency execution. More 
concretely, I don't think you could do something like the following with 
the current module spec (correct if wrong):

exports.foo = function() {
   var bar = require('bar');

What about specifying some form of hoisting for ImportDeclarations so 
that dependencies for a module can be declared separately from their 
execution? This would still allow for compile-time resolution and 
linking while also addressing concerns about runtime-conditional 


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>     > The idea here is that modules will typically be written in files
>     like "compiler/Lexer.js", where the starting grammar production
>     *is* `ModuleBody`.
>     Ah, that makes sense! It's a nice way of prohibiting
>     `<script>export function foo() { }</script>` as well, assuming
>     inline `<script>` corresponds to `Script`. It would be helpful to
>     update the wiki with this, or more generally to show how this
>     grammar will integrate with the rest of the grammar.
>     > I would just write `import {} from "someModule";`
>     That appears to be disallowed; I believe
>         "{" ImportSpecifier ("," ImportSpecifier)* ","? "}"
>     requires at least one `ImportSpecifier`. (It's also sad and ugly;
>     any reason not to allow `import "someModule";`?)
> I've advocated for this in the past. I believe it should be allowed.
> Separately, I would like this form to be specified as deferring 
> execution until bindings are explicitly imported (from another 
> module), or a synchronous `System.get` call is made.
> This would make it possible to guarantee that a synchronous 
> `System.get` will succeed, without being forced to execute the module 
> first.
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