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On Jun 2, 2013, at 9:46 AM, Rick Waldron wrote:

> 4.10 Modules
> STH: Progress since last meeting. Discuss “module naming”, “naming standard modules”.
> STH:
> STH: Wiki is up to date with the current proposal. Spec is “wiki complete”. Jason Orendorff of Mozilla has worked on flushing out semantic issues. Moz is implementinb parsing of modules.
> STH: Syntax: Made a couple of changes.
> A. To support anonymous exports
>   export default expr;
>   import $ from ‘jquery’;  // imports default anonymous export

I missed that, and current wiki draft doesn't explain it either, but -- what was a rationale of using string literals on imports, and, worth, also for module names at define?

I could assume this for runtime variable module names (different strings in a var) to import different modules based on condition, but I don't think it's the reason and that it's even possible.

If it's for namespacing, can the namespaced names be parsed w/o quotes (seems they can)? And even if they cannot, why make the ugly strings for simple, non-namespaced, module names too? For consistency?

Can only the namespaced and external modules be wrapped into quotes?


Also this repetition seems weird to do every time:

module DOMMunger from 'DOMMunger';

import even from 'Even';

Both can be just

import DOMMunger;
import Even;

If the "single default expression" is present, it's the value of import, otherwise it's the module object. 

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