Array.prototype.values breaks the web

Till Schneidereit till at
Tue Jul 23 09:00:33 PDT 2013

We've had to back out Array.prototype.values for the second time now,
because it breaks every website that uses Sencha's Ext.js. See [1], [2] and
[3]. In [4], Don from Sencha says that they're investigating, but also that
even once they fix the issue, (obviously) it's going to take some time for
all users to upgrade.

These users include all commercial Ext.js users (banking websites[1] and
Synology's NAS web interfaces among them), every Typo3 installation, and
most certainly lots of other open source projects. Searching for "ext.js"
on github gets some 7000 hits.

Given that, I don't see how we can expect to be able to land
Array.prototype.values in any meaningful timeframe and think dropping it or
changing the name should be considered.

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