Frozen Date objects?

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> On Wed, Jul 17, 2013 at 1:04 PM, Rick Waldron <waldron.rick at>
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> > Can you explain why startDate was specified was a Date object?
> Because that's how JavaScript represents time?

Brendan's response is much nicer then mine.

> Event.timeStamp was
> supposed to be a Date object too:
> Not
> sure why it was not implemented that way.

I don't fully understand the point your trying to make, are you telling me
that these:


...Are not correct?

> I don't really follow your line of reasoning.

I apologize, let me try to clarify:

Time and/or timestamps represented as milliseconds since epoch, in the form
of a number, is useful for:
1. calculating time differences with math (without coercing the object into
a milliseconds number)
2. creating new Date objects if such a thing is necessary for the program
3. being the value of a property on a frozen object
4. being the value of a property who's descriptor is {[[Writable]]: false,
[[Enumerable]]: false, [[Configurable]]: false}

3 & 4 seem to be what you were looking for? 2 & 3 are just nice to have.

> Existing APIs use a mix
> of callbacks and events. Should we not switch to promises where we
> can, but rather stick with precedent?
The right paradigm for the job? I don't know what this has to do with the
subject of Date objects and epoch times, but if I had to guess, I'd say
you're trying to make my previous comments appear poorly conceived (in the
name of progress) because I used the word "precedent". Are you sure you
want to pick that fight?

>From the perspective of someone with extensive practitioner experience
developing software for a variety of platforms, including web based video
programming with Popcorn.js (and without) and a variety of products built
on that framework, I had hoped to offer my sincerest, most constructive
feedback—but you're the boss, applesauce.


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