Proxying Native Objects: Use case

François REMY at
Thu Jan 31 12:35:17 PST 2013

> Do you have links to spec saying that the browser adds native event
> handlers?

Here you are:

> The best that can be done here is contact the DOM Core people (that's
> where events are now apparently), and ask them to specifically say they
> accept proxies in dispatchEvent. Then, write test cases, file (or fix)
> bugs in browsers in case some tests fails. Nothing better can be done I
> think.

The problem is that you generally need a polyfill for older browsers, not the next ones. 

Is a kind of __noSuchProperty__ really impossible to support for native objects? Given the fact you didn't respond I guess this is a no, but is there any valid reason you won't allow it? Performance-wise Gecko already supports __noSuchMethod__ so a properly standardized solution should be possible, right?

I'm a bit under the impression that proxies were created because they were more powerful than __noSucXXX__, and now I'm under the impression that we end up in a situation that's much less powerful in the case of polyfills... and polyfills were one of the very good reasons to support proxies in the first case.

This lead me to mixed feelings. 		 	   		  

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