Security Demands Simplicity (was: Private Slots)

Juan Ignacio Dopazo dopazo.juan at
Sun Jan 20 09:11:03 PST 2013

2013/1/17 Mark S. Miller <erights at>

> By the time ES7 rolls out, there will be a lot of that code.

I very much agree and I think we may see that sooner. I wrote a gist ( using WeakMaps for privates about 7 months
ago, before this discussion. I expect to see code like that in the wild
once WeakMaps get to Node without a flag.

I think the nicest thing about specifying privates with WeakMaps is that
using it in a transpiler would be seamless. There wouldn't be any
functionality lost. And that would be specially good since browsers are
implementing new APIs before new syntax. That means we could get privates

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