redefine.js - A Simplified ES5 Approach

Andrea Giammarchi andrea.giammarchi at
Sat Jan 19 13:33:50 PST 2013

not only "Security Demands Simplicity", but development demands simplicity
too :-)

I don't remember who asked me to show a simplified approach to ES5
descriptors, Object.create, defineProperty, and defineProperties, but here
a tiny library which aim is to make developers life easier, the usage of
defaults for grouped type of descriptors, and the fact it does not break if
some evil code redefine some Object.prototype.writable/configurable
property in the global scope.

I'd appreciate any sort of feedback when and if you have time and please do
not hesitate to ask me more, if necessary, thanks.

Best Regards,
    Andrea Giammarchi
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