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I think part of the confusion is that, from what I understand, "harmony" refers to things that are agreed upon by all TC39 members, or at least were at one time. But this does not imply it being in ES6.

That is, much confusion I've seen on the internet stems from people assuming "harmony" means ES6, since for so long we were calling it "ECMAScript Harmony."

I'd suggest either downgrading non-ES6 proposals to strawman, or creating a new "es6" namespace and moving the relevant pages there. The former is probably very appropriate for things that were once harmonious, but now contentious or obsoleted by other features.


Of course, the actual solution for all this is for me to launch a bunch of pull requests against Dave's new wiki, giving it the same breadth and depth as the current one. Then we can point the internet to that as the authoritative source of information, with the current wiki used more as a scratchpad or historical archive. I'll try to re-shuffle my to-do list...

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Cool, check this: :)

That's not all of them, but I'll go through it all again for anything I missed (unless you want to list any here, which would be fantastic)


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Le 18/01/2013 18:58, Rick Waldron a écrit :
It doesn't seem reasonable to maintain two versions of the proposals as they become specifications.

My first thought is that the simplest possible strategy is to update harmony proposal pages (on the wiki) with a line at the top that indicates that the proposal is now in the spec draft. This is low effort-cost to convey that everyone should be looking at the latest and greatest of each proposal as they become part of the ES6 draft revisions and progress towards finalization therein.
I fully agree. It'll bring more attention to what happens in the drafts and will make more people to review them.
Also, if something in the harmony namespace is put on hold like harmony:classes it should probably be downgraded to the strawman namespace.


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