Private symbols as WeakMap sugar

David Bruant bruant.d at
Wed Jan 16 12:27:35 PST 2013

Le 16/01/2013 21:19, Brendan Eich a écrit :
> David Bruant wrote:
>> Am I misunderstanding how JIT compilation using type information works? 
> The problem is not just adding another deoptimization path. Not all 
> JITs use only PICs. Lots of optimizations are possible. But adding a 
> ?: to the *generic* (I meant what I wrote there) path is not going to 
> fly, in my view.
I still don't understand what you mean by "generic"? Does it mean adding 
it to the spec algorithm?
And I don't understand why it would be making a situation worse than the 
binary + situation (PIC or not).


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