Private Slots

Brendan Eich brendan at
Tue Jan 15 11:21:12 PST 2013

Kevin Smith wrote:
>     (b) is a change from ES5 but you don't object to weak maps -- why not?
> WeakMaps provide a new feature without extending the object model. 
>  They are "external" to objects, if you like.

They are a kind of object, on the contrary.

>     (c) is not a change from JS's object model!
> Sure - but I'm not objecting to closed-over state (in any form).  That 
> would be ludicrous.  : )

But that's part of the object model, no? If so, the CoffeeScript 
summary-manqué is not worth much, and your argument from it, even less 
so :-|.

>         and by (a) you're assuming the conclusion.
>     No, I'm saying the horse already left the barn.
> Again, not objecting to private state.  But just because we allow 
> private state, it does not necessarily follow that we should mess with 
> the object model to accomodate it.

I think you've chosen a cartoon-short version of "the object model" to 
argue selectively against other things.

> Maybe it's worth it, I don't know.  That's the whole point:  I don't 
> know.  And when in doubt...

Hold that thought.

>     Of course, we justified weak maps with specific use-cases. Those
>     do not cover private symbols, because private symbols are really
>     "in" the object, they do not identify storage in a side table.
>     This matters when abstracting over strings or symbol (private or
>     unique) property names, as I showed. It matters when using the
>     bracketing operator (a weak map would have to be exposed and its
>     use transposes operands of []). It matters for any future private
>     syntax.
> But is this not premature optimization?  How do I know that WeakMaps 
> and Proxies are insufficient?

Realistically, O-O commonplaces such as private fields and methods 
should not require a proxy or a weakmap, or they won't see much use.

It may be that high-integrity privacy won't see much use anyway (your 
point?). But it has its uses (SES is being used on the web now, details 


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