Private Slots

Kevin Smith khs4473 at
Tue Jan 15 08:16:11 PST 2013

> It's really none of your business when you try to freeze my object whether
> any of
> (a) pre-existing private-symbol-named properties remain writable;
> (b) weakmap-encoded private state remains writable;
> (c) objects-as-closures environment variables remain writable.
> Really. Not. Your. Business!

But that's a change from the current object model and by (a) you're
assuming the conclusion.  ES has a really simple object model, as explained
in the first part of the ES5 specification.  That simplicity is an
advantage.  If you're going add complexity, then it should be justified
with application-focused use cases.  That request does not seem like a
stretch to me.

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