New paper: "Distributed Electronic Rights in JavaScript"

Mark S. Miller erights at
Mon Jan 14 14:46:07 PST 2013


Paper for invited talk at ESOP2013
Final already submitted, but comments of course appreciated anyway.

Distributed Electronic Rights in JavaScript

Mark S. Miller
Tom Van Cutsem
Bill Tulloh

Contracts enable mutually suspicious parties to cooperate safely
through the exchange of rights. Smart contracts are programs whose
behavior enforces the terms of the contract. This paper shows how such
contracts can be specified elegantly and executed safely, given an
appropriate distributed, secure, persistent, and ubiquitous
computational fabric. JavaScript provides the ubiquity but must be
significantly extended to deal with the other aspects. The first part
of this paper is a progress report on our efforts to turn JavaScript
into this fabric. To demonstrate the suitability of this design, we
describe an escrow exchange contract implemented in 42 lines of
JavaScript code.


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