Private Slots

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Mon Jan 14 08:45:10 PST 2013

> No boilerplate, no additional runtime costs than what's necessary.

Arguably, all of those examples could be addressed by unique symbols.
 Where is the need for strong runtime enforcement of encapsulation?

>  I would personally like to see answers to the following questions:
>> - Do private slots enable applications that would otherwise be impossible?
> I guess applications where you need memory for your actual content and not
> memory to compensate the lack of language expressiveness. I have no real
> idea of how much can be saved in terms of memory between the 3 snippets
> I've shared with millions of C instances.

Private symbols are not necessary for this.  Unique symbols work just fine.

>  - What are some examples of real-world applications where the runtime
>> security of private slots is necessary?
> It really depends on what you mean by "necessary". As far as I'm
> concerned, it'd be all application using third-party code and a lot of
> websites embed a Google Analytics script, so that would be a lot of them
> (looking forward to the day GA is being hacked by the way :-) )

I want to see more along these lines.  What is the security model for
"loading third-party" code and in what way do private slots help?

{ Kevin }
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