Private Slots

Brandon Benvie brandon at
Mon Jan 14 08:43:03 PST 2013

Unless I missed a beat, they are not unfreezable. They are exactly like
normal properties except they are not enumerated by any existing
method including gOPN.

On Monday, January 14, 2013, Kevin Smith wrote:

> There is no "new kind of slot".  Symbols, private and otherwise, go in
>> exactly the same kind of slot as any other object property.
> Slots keyed with private symbols have different, novel behavior.  Behavior
> that did not exist before.  At the very least, these slots are:
> 1) Strongly non-reflective
> 2) Unfreezable
> At a conceptual level, they change the nature of "ownership" with respect
> to slots.
> { Kevin }
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