Private Slots

Kevin Smith khs4473 at
Mon Jan 14 08:33:51 PST 2013

> As further evidence, the word "private" does not even occur in sections
> 8.1.6 and of the current ES6 draft.  These are the sections that
> define the ES6 object model.   Small changes and additions had to be made
> to allow for property keys to be either strings or symbols but those
> changes are independent of whether a symbol is private or not.  The only
> place that the privateness of a symbol comes into play (besides in proxies)
> is in the context of a few reflection operations whose behavior is
> predicated upon whether a symbol property key is a private symbol or not.
>  This is very similar to the tests that the same or similar operations make
> on individual property attributes.

At the micro-level, it may not seem like a big deal.  But at the macro
level, it is a *new kind of slot* with new behavior and it changes the
nature of objects and properties.  It changes the assumptions that you can
make about objects.

It may be a great idea - I just don't see the justification, yet.

{ Kevin }
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