direct_proxies "problem"

Nathan Wall nathan.wall at
Sat Jan 12 15:43:29 PST 2013

David Bruant wrote:
> Yes and once the membrane has captured N, it has to search again if some
> object use in A<--->B communication has an N property... and restart all
> over if an object does and has another private name attached.
> Theoretically, the membrane can always be one step ahead of the private
> communication. Practically, it costs a lot without the
> unknownPrivateSymbol trap.

I was under the impression that all objects that were passed from A to B were wrapped in a proxy by the membrane. If this is the case, then the membrane simply needs to add N to the whitelist and N can't be used in B on an object from A without the membrane knowing about it.

So there's no need to search previous communications. The membrane can learn about any private symbols B can because the membrane is always watching B's access to objects from A through proxies.


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