direct_proxies "problem"

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Sat Jan 12 15:18:41 PST 2013

This isn't exactly a direct parallel because all the types that are
included as part of ES6 will be proxyable in such a way that the proxy can
be transparently interchanged with its target. The problem with DOM objects
is that this isn't true. I think it would be a good practice for the
providers of unproxyable platform APIs to be up front about their inability
to be proxied successfully.

On Sat, Jan 12, 2013 at 5:58 PM, David Bruant <bruant.d at> wrote:

> Le 12/01/2013 23:28, Andrea Giammarchi a écrit :
>  I don't want to detect node and proxied node
> Why would you have to?
> Currently, before calling .appendChild, do you write code that detects
> that you're not trying to append a normal object or a date or an array? I
> have personally never done such a test, because anytime I .appendChild,
> I've created the node before or picked it up from the DOM tree. Why would
> it be different when proxies are out?
> David
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