GetValue of DataView doesn't guarantee target in range

Yusuke Suzuki utatane.tea at
Thu Jan 3 05:49:05 PST 2013

Hello all,

According to rev13 draft section step 4,

4. If totalOffset ≥ byteLength, throw a RangeError exception.

But this doesn't guarantee target in range of buffer.
For example,

    var view = new DataView(new ArrayBuffer(1));

In above example, calling GetValue(0, false, Uint32), and then totalOffset
is 0 and byteLength is 1, so a RangeError exception isn't thrown. But
because Uint32 requires 4 bytes, this access is out of range.

I think we should check (totalOffset + ElementSize) > byteLength, right?

Yusuke Suzuki
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