fail-fast object destructuring (don't add more slop to sloppy mode)

Brendan Eich brendan at
Wed Jan 2 14:10:06 PST 2013

Herby Vojčík wrote:
>>>> We need to detail how Nil works, how it cannot be wrapped or observed,
>>>> etc. in order to maintain equivalence.
>>> In my naive view, [[GetP]] returns Nil, [[SetP]] does nothing,
>>> [[Call]] return Nil. But there are sure some nasty details down there.
>> Yeah, this is unsafe by design, if the spec has a bug then Nil leaks
>> out. Want undefined in ES6, not Nil.
> I don't understand the unsafety. If Nil is observable part of the 
> language, then this is natural semantics. If it should be hidden, 
> that's another story.

I assumed from context (cited above) that you were talking about 
destructruing in ES6. That spec lacks Nil as an observable and must 
censor any internal Nil specification type. Could be done, but I argue 
it's safer to leave [[GetP]] etc. dealing in undefined for now.

Of course if we want Nil in the language, then full speed ahead! That 
would be later (ES7 or above), if ever.


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