Standardizing console APIs: Where?

François REMY at
Wed Feb 27 12:47:49 PST 2013

> The script engine does not relate to clicking on things -- that
> happens in a browser. So do you feel that script engines must ship
> with a console? Or does that apply to web browsers? And if so, why?

As Brian said, the UI itself should not be defined in the spec. However, I feel like the object-to-string behavior should be standardized so that any JS engine could be used reliably in a command-line environment (ie console.log outputs the same string in the console in all browsers/engines). 

The browsers may still ship with a custom interface that wraps around the text APIs of console and that allows more fancy things, the point is that the basic functionalities should be interoperable.

> Is an informative draft a fair start or does it need to be normative
> from the get-go?

I don't feel strongly about that, but there are informative standards already, maybe something normative would be better to reach standardization. 		 	   		  

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