How close is the Modules spec to finalized?

Silva, Daniel danielsi at
Mon Feb 25 17:43:40 PST 2013


I'd like to not reinvent yet another in-house module system and start migrating to ES6 modules (through build-time translators to ES5).  I'm sure a lot of people are on the same boat, but we can't do that while the syntax and semantics are moving targets.  The wiki page at has the current proposal for Harmony's module system, but it does not seem to be final.    The Jan 30 TC39 meeting notes suggest that relying on translators based on the current proposal will lead to broken code within a year, as previous module implementations are no longer in line with the current spec.

When can we expect a final spec for the module system?  Is there a schedule or is it a matter of waiting until everyone agrees?

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