Standardizing console APIs: Where?

Brian Kardell bkardell at
Mon Feb 25 04:29:04 PST 2013

I must admit i am a bit surprised that anyone would appear to be opposed to
formalizing something through one of the two groups... It seems to me the
goal of all of these other groups here is to pick up something that is
lacking and people wish that we had a standard for.

Regardless of history or agreement by vendors, no dev i know of looks to
any of those as sources of standards and they give no indication themselves

I sent Rick the following link Friday evening and was hoping for a little
tweaking before it was shared with a much wider audience.  It contains

Essentially though, some logging concept (usually console based) is
supported by all engines, but the actual almost universally shared API has
actually been pretty small.  There is really no good reason i can see for
that, logging really has nothing to do with dom or even console inherently
- so why not get an actual standardized API effort to make the code at
least universally portable with a source people can look up and recognize
as standard?

That said, i'm not interested in charging at windmills here, so if no one
is interested, that's fine too.
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