Standardizing console APIs: Where?

Brian Kardell bkardell at
Fri Feb 22 08:13:00 PST 2013

Recently I read a post about Chrome adding a console.table API which
mentioned some things in other browsers.  My immediate reaction was "is
this a new proposal for addition to console standard API, because that
could be pretty handy actually" but then after a moments pause and about an
hour search, I realized:  There is no codified standard for console API.
 Turns out that public-browser-tools-testing at has sort of agreed to
take it up, but it doesn't seem like anything much has happened yet and I'm
wondering why that should be bound to anything with the browser since
console is a pretty universal thing in implementations.  Not saying it
should or shouldn't be ECMA, just that it seems to be in the wrong place
now if, indeed, anything is happening there.

So what does everybody think?

It seems that there is already a subset of what's implemented out there as
a de-facto standard and could be some low-hanging fruit to create a base
standard on which others could propose against, provide prollyfills for,
etc - and that would be a pretty good thing IMO.  Over the years, just a
couple of anomalies in browsers have caused some pain - let's write it down
somewhere :)

Brian Kardell :: @briankardell
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