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> Le 18/02/2013 23:29, Claus Reinke a écrit :
>>>>  What I'd like to understand is why likely static scoping problems
>> should lead to a runtime error, forcing the dependence on testing.
>> If they'd lead to compile time errors (for strict code), there'd be no
>> chance of missing them on the developer engine, independent of incomplete
>> test suite or ancient customer engines. Wouldn't that remove one of the
>> concerns against using strict mode? What am I missing?
> I guess it's too late now for ES5 strict mode.
> What was the rationale behind making it a runtime error?
> I think there were plans to make it a compile-time error... was it with
> the ES6 opt-in? :-s
> Can it be retrofit in new syntax which are their own opt-in (module,
> class...)?

For the ES5 semantics of the interaction of the global scope and the global
object, how could you make this a static error? What would you statically
test? Would you statically reject the following program, where
<someExpression> is itself just some valid expression computing a value
(that might be the string "foo")? Note that "this" below is the global
object, since it occurs at top level in a program.

"use strict";
this[<someExpression>] = 8;

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