Override LocalTZA

Andrew Paprocki andrew at ishiboo.com
Wed Feb 20 16:29:58 PST 2013

On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 6:08 PM, Norbert Lindenberg <
ecmascript at lindenbergsoftware.com> wrote:

> Jon, Andrew: would a method similar to that operation address your needs?

I agree that the conversion functionality is needed outside of formatting,
but the issue for me is more complex. We have a vocabulary type consisting
of [serial datetime, offset] used throughout our stack -- including both
data services taking input from script and delivering output to script as
well as native objects bound into script which use this vocabulary type in
their API. In all those cases we don't have a way to pass individual
fields. What is being proposed should be all that is needed for the browser
world. I already modify the engine to override localTZA anyway because the
"platform" timezone used by script is not the same as the timezone of the
OS/user the engine is running as, so I'm used to being an exception.. :)
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