Private symbols vs property attributes

Tom Van Cutsem at
Thu Feb 14 00:15:18 PST 2013

2013/2/13 David Bruant <bruant.d at>

>  The trap in itself no, but it's possible to keep track of all exchanged
> symbols and add them to the whitelists as they are observed before being
> shared. It all relies on the fact that for 2 parties to exchange symbols,
> they have to share it through a "public" communication first (get trap,
> etc.).
At some point, I thought it had a runtime cost, but Tom proved me wrong [1].
> It seems realistic to consider that all proxies of the same membrane can
> all share the same set instance as a whitelist making the space cost as
> small as it could be.

This doesn't solve Mark's use case: he wants to be able to share symbols
freely among trust boundaries without those symbols necessarily flowing
through a membrane.
At that point, there's no way for the proxy to intercept the symbol and add
it to its whitelist, and transparency is broken.

As I said before, I think Andreas' proposal is agnostic to the interaction
between proxies and symbols.

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