Minimal Module System Proposal

Brendan Eich brendan at
Tue Feb 12 11:55:37 PST 2013

Kevin Smith wrote:
>     Thanks, but let's not jump to any conclusions. I'm the champion of
>     modules and wasn't even able to be a part of the discussion for
>     family reasons. We can't make any judgment about the status of
>     modules, or plans for reacting to the status of modules, before
>     I've had a chance to be a part of the conversation.
>  +1 and congrats (I'm slinging a babe right now ; )
> I'm confident that modules will make it - in my mind ES6 will fail if 
> not.  They are certainly more important than proxies and private 
> names, and the sooner we coalesce around the syntax, the better 
> everyone will feel.  IMO, your previous proposal was almost right on. 
>  e.g.
> <>
> I think we need to have a knock-down-drag-out discussion about URL and 
> loader semantics.  ; )

Question about the linked wiki page rev:

      Variant B: "module =" syntax

Is that the variant you favor?


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