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> Rick, I have already updated the post and YES, TC39 **should** consider
> what the rest of the world would like to do or the way has always done
> something and expecting to do otherwise the one that's not respecting will
> result to be TC39.

I don't follow.

> So, here, summarized my thoughts, re-explained in that post:
> my point is that surveys should be public too because if 3 developers
> cannot represent the entire community, neither can 300 behind the same
> company, or just a couple.

I don't know who answered, I posted it in several high traffic IRC channels
and Twitter where people re-tweeted.  Again, I just used the survey's
results as a method of collecting a sample of data for my own benefit.

Please stop acting like this survey was some kind of make or break, it
wasn't—get over it.

> There are many more of us out there, *I'd love to see the possibility to
> participate every time a decision about an API should be made*!

> If you think that survey can help you, I completely agree that these
> should be considered ... developers are those that will use the language,
> don't make JavaScript as hostile as the DOM could have been in the past,
> Thank you and everyone else.

You lost me.

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